Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tiger Woods and Steve Williams Don't Hate Each Other After All

A week ago, Tiger Woods was licking his wounds from another major championship that saw someone else head to the 18th green to hoist the trophy while Tiger was forced to answer the "what happened" questions.

During his post-round press conference, Tiger was noticeably upset with caddie Steve Williams, saying he felt that, "Stevie said take dead aim right at it, and in my heart I said 'no'. There was no chance, I have a sand wedge in my hand, and I can't play at that flag." He went on to say he hit the wrong club on 12, and while he wasn't actually blaming Williams, it sure sounded like there was so bad blood between the two.

But, silly us! There isn't anything wrong between those two! They love each other! It is a match made in heaven. Just ask Tiger at his press conference this week at the AT&T.

"There's no tension there, not at all. You guys are reading way too much into it. I was asked what happened out there, and I made three mental mistakes out there, three mistakes I don't normally make. Do Stevie and I make mistakes on the golf course? Of course we do. We're not perfect. We made mistakes at the wrong time. It happens. It is what it is. We're great competitors and we both want to win. I just made a couple mistakes, and hopefully that won't happen this week and we can win an event."

The interesting thing about Tiger and his current "slump" is people are going to find any and all reasons why Woods isn't playing well and dig into that. It's his caddie! It's the family! It's his golf swing!

The moment Tiger pulls off a win, everything in his life will completely flip, and things will probably be pretty normal again. Until then, however, questions will be tossed at Woods that he won't like, and he's just going to have to deal with that.

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i hate said...

I like that he isn't doing well and he is struggling. He had to easy of a life for a while there.

Tim said...

No more hate only love for the players. They were selling a lot of cars for cash around that time as well. Did you sell your junk car? Look at we buy junk cars orlando. They paid me top dollar for my junk car just the other week.