Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tiger Woods Went to PR Camp, Decides to Play in Irish Charity Pro-Am

There are a few things Tiger Woods could do to help his image (stop screaming all the time, be nicer to people, not sleep with strippers, stop wearing the 12-year-old red on Sundays), but one of the main things is to start doing things for other people in what could only be considered a public relations ploy. (Ed. Note: I understand he has a charity, yada yada yada, but the point of this is to make it seem like he wants to help out people other that the kids that eventually benefit him.)

That will begin on July 5, when Tiger has announced he will play in a charity pro-am in Ireland at Adare Manor. The charity in question is one put together by Irish businessman and racehorse owner J.P. McManus, and Tiger said his goal is to help the start-up charity get some footing.

Woods said in a statement released by organizers that because of his own foundation he understands "the importance and necessity of raising funds to help deserving individuals."

Listen, don't kid yourselves, this is all to help the image of Tiger, but it's smart. Why wouldn't he go out and do stuff like this more often? The whole idea is to make people actually like Tiger the Man, not just Tiger the Golfer, and if he wants that, he's going to have to bust his butt as hard on charity work than he does on his golf swing (avoiding obvious "he can't be working that hard on it right now" joke).

Tiger is a smart guy, and surely this is stuff he gets, but either his schedule hasn't allowed it, or he just hasn't seen the benefits of doing such work long-term. Hopefully this Ireland visit is just the start of such actions so we can all be made to believe that Mr. Woods is a changed man. Isn't that all we really care about anyway?


Daniel said...

Not so sure this is a PR move Shane - Tiger and JP are good friends (Tiger also got married in Sandy Lane which JP co-owns) and he played in this pro-am at its last staging 5 years ago. So while its undoubtedly not going to harm his image I would imagine its more to do with his close relationship with JP than any desire to repair his tarnished image.

johnraser said...

Tiger has hid under the umbrella of his "foundation" for years. It's pathetic. It's about time he reached out and got his hands dirty. He should think about actually using his voice/platform for some real, tangible, good if you ask me. Something you can actually see and touch...

(and i know about his learning center and all that yada yada yada, but let's be honest, he stamps his name on that and has nothing to really do with the workings or success of the facility)