Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why Hello, Ladies

As you've probably heard, Colin Montgomerie is the latest golfer to be called out for cheating on his wife, and has since apologized to both his wife and his family. It was supposedly with his neighbor, which basically means with some of the Tiger rumors, if you live next to a famous golfer, you best not birth a female.

That didn't stop Monty from shooting a 62 in British Open qualifying, meaning we will see Mr. Montgomerie for the 21st straight time in the Open. The closest Colin has come to claiming the Claret? 2005, when he finished second to Tiger Woods at, where else, St. Andrews.

After his round, Monty made that face at a camera, which either means "come here, baby" or "someone get me a Q-tip, stat!"

Getty Images


Freedo said...

"Might I be so kind as to offer you a house red?"

Shane B. said...

Haha. Freedo ftw.