Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yep, Phil Mickelson Is Still Crazy

You have to love Phil Mickelson for how his mind works at times. This is a guy that once tried to play a U.S. Open without a driver, and has put two drivers in at times to move the ball left or right (Somewhere, Bobby Jones is rolling in his grave). He gives his caddie one veto a year on a golf shot, and that's it. Even back in his amateur days, Phil would give match play opponents long par putts when Phil had a birdie putt just to screw with the guy.

What did he do on Friday at the Memorial that caused a stir? He decided to go for the par-4 14th, not a crazy move for a guy that bombs it as long as anyone on tour. Why did he? Because he missed the 13th fairway. Yep.

Here goes.

“I have never gone an entire round hitting every fairway,” Mickelson said, “and I hit every fairway through 11, 12 holes.
“When I missed it on 13, I thought I’d hit driver on 14 because it didn’t matter. If I had hit that fairway on 13, I would have hit iron on 14.

“I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the way I was thinking.”

You've heard the term over-thinking, right? Well, this is it at its absolute best. The guy is mentally keeping track of how many fairways he had hit on the day, and if he had somehow found the 13th, he would have laid up on the 14th just to keep his fairway streak alive.

How can you not love someone this insane?

Scott Halleran, Getty Images