Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Doug Sanders Owns Best Suit ... Ever

Most remember Doug Sanders for what he didn't do at St. Andrews a number of years ago. Needing a three-footer on the 18th hole at the Old Course to beat Jack Nicklaus, Sanders shove-pushed-fanned-sliced his putt right, pulling a Scott Hoch before Scott Hoch was Scott Hoch (Online sportsbooks didn't have Sanders too high to win this week, trust me).

He went on to lose to Nicklaus in the 18-hole playoff in 1970, but was back at the Old Course this past week to be a part of the tournament. Sanders was asked about that tough defeat to Nicklaus, including the missed putt that would have snagged him a Claret jug, but was surprisingly optimistic about what happened to him so long ago.

"People say, 'Mr. Sanders, we're so sorry you missed that putt,' and a lot of them have forgotten that the guy that won was the greatest player in history," he said during a brief conversation before the leaders teed off Sunday. "It's almost like for them, I was the winner."

Who in the world is that confident, really? He got beat by missing a short putt, and looks at with a "glass half full" mentality? I have to say, I'm pretty impressed.

Oh, and to wear that suit. Honestly, is there a better thing in the history of golf? HE IS EVEN WEARING PINK SHOES!


The Armchair Golfer said...

Sanders was something else--Ian Poulter squared--with every color of threads and golf shoes in the rainbow. Follow this link to see a photo of Doug and Jack, including what Doug wore in the Open playoff:

There's this quote from Sanders I love. Asked if the 71 British still haunts him, he said, "No, sometimes I go as long as five minutes without thinking about that putt."

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