Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Memo to English Tabloids: Leave Tiger Alone

Say what you want about how much Tiger Woods has brought all of this on himself (he has, I won't disagree with that), but can we all just give it a rest? Please?

I know how easy it must be to head to a press conference with a question about Tiger's personal life, as we saw at a freakin' CHARITY EVENT this week in Ireland, but haven't we all realized something? Isn't the saying "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"? The guy isn't answering any of these questions. He isn't. Does it take a blank stare and awkward response for this to get through our heads?

I must admit, at first it was interesting. I was genuinely excited to see how Woods would react when questions were posed at him about his affairs, and his life, and his marriage. While most of us with hearts try not to kick people when they are down, there is something about celebrities struggling that intrigues us. That is why people like Perez Hilton have made millions of dollars. Gossip sells.

But it has come to a point where it isn't funny anymore. While Tiger has a life most of us would trade for in a second, we should all take a moment to realize that yes, Tiger is a human. He is in the midst of losing everything important in his life, and he has to sit on the couch at night knowing that it is his fault. While he can smile during pro-ams and grin when he makes birdies, there are things going on in his head that most of us with failed relationships under our belt can relate to. He cheated, he is the problem, but he's still a man, with a heart and a conscious and a life that he has to continue living. There are no rocks one can hide behind from shame, because that is something coming from inside you. Tiger gets it. No need to continue pressing a button that doesn't work.

I know this will fall on deaf ears. Next week at St. Andrews, Woods will be asked questions about this from all sorts of media outlets, and it will be more moments of awkwardness. The media members that didn't get their questions answered will call Tiger short and curt and rude. Once upon a time it was interesting. Now? It's just sad.


Justin Bourne said...

Sure, I agree with you on the major point you're making - what are we gaining from forcing him to look like a dick with his 95th "no comment"-style comment of the presser. And, as you somewhat alluded (and would be my feeling), he's certainly not deserving of much (any?) sympathy. But no matter what's happening I still. can't. stop. watching. It's worse than a trainwreck. It's a trainwreck that's wrecking other trains, every hour on the hour. And *wooWHOO* here comes the next one now. I can't turn away from this! I gotta see what happens!

Sheena said...

Agreed JB

Te5 said...


tntpowers said...

another Tiger apologist.... blech

Josh said...

Has Tiger Woods ever said anything funny before in his life?

[konoimo] >-< said...

bet u there's a conspiracy in UK media to ask these questions to get Tiger off his game... to give their lads a fighting chance at winning THEIR CUP...

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