Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Paula Creamer is Cute

We all know the LPGA stars that could make a huge impact. Michelle Wie. Alexis Thompson. Paula Creamer.

The last on the list was part of a fairly comical commercial for something called Ricoh (Ed. Note: No idea), where she hits some flop shot from a busy street in New York in some tip jar.

I was impressed, and it is proven - Paula Creamer is cute after all. Enjoy.


courtgolf said...

Did you notice the potentially bad advice given in the two Ricoh commercials ? She jumps right to the sand wedge when it might not actually be the best club for the shot. Especially in the second one when she grabs SW and opens it up to hit off of a hardpan lie ? Hmmm. Good thing they used CGI to make it look good.

Shane B. said...

Haha ... well, to be fair, not a lot of LPGA players carry the 60 degree, so I guess it makes more sense to use the club they would hit in that situation.

Anonymous said...

I can't the the only one who does know what Ricoh does, because they shifted 23 billion USD of product last year.