Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Just In: Tiger is Still Rich

When news broke that Tiger Woods had cheated on his wife with countless females, some very, very dirty, the number on question in everyone's mind was, "Will Tiger still be the richest athlete in the world?!?"

Don't you worry, folks. The new Fortune 50 came out from Sports Illustrated and it appears that yes, Tiger is still really, really, really, holy f-ing hell rich.

Tiger tops the list of athletes with a nice sum of $90,508,163, even with his loss of sponsors like Gatorade, Accenture and AT&T. He makes all this money because, as we've seen in this world, no matter what you've done to your personal life, people will still buy the shit you're honking.

Also, if you were a little concerned on how Phil Mickelson is doing financial, (and trust me, aren't we all?) don't fret, because Lefty is the second richest athlete in the world, bringing in about $61,660,757.

So, rest easy friends. Tiger and Phil are still able to pay their rent month-to-month, and will most likely enjoy the occasional private jet ride.

It's part of the job, ya know.

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courtgolf said...

Isn't that a list of 2009 earnings for active athletes ? Not a list that is consistent from year to year.