Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tiger Woods Switches Putter, And It's Like I Didn't Even Know Him

Tiger Woods can cheat on his wife. He can dupe us all into thinking he's a great man, only to betray most of the public with his shenanigans. He can do all that and I'll be fine with it.

But switching putters? Tiger, I thought we knew ya!!!

When Tiger burst on the scene in 1997, he used a Teryllium Scotty Cameron, but quickly changed in 1999 to the version he uses today, a Pro Platinum-style Scotty that took home the next 13 major championships. Now, Tiger, the man that I thought I knew, has changed to a Nike putter, making it 14-for-14 in Swoosh clubs in his bag.

The reason for the switch? Nope, it has nothing to do with the way he's been rolling the rock lately (Ed. Note: Yeahhhh) and everything to do with the slow greens at St. Andrews, which are coming in below nine on the Stimpmeter.

"It's one of those things where I've always struggled on slower greens," Woods said. "I've always putted well on faster greens. This putter does come off faster with the new groove technology. It rolls the ball better and rolls it faster.

"So these greens, I've had to make very little adjustment in how hard I'm hitting it compared to if I had my older putter. That's something Stevie (Williams) and I have been talking about over the years together, is what can I do on slower greens? I always seem to struggle on them and can't wait to get to the fastest greens that we play on tour."

Now, a couple of things need to be addressed. While I see nothing wrong with Tiger switching putters (I actually endorse the move), it seems that his old putter never had a problem before on the St. Andrews greens. It is typical Tiger to say something like, "These slow greens are the reason I'm switching, not because I've been putting like a blind blacksmith the last few months."

He is currently ranked 96th in putts per round, his worst total since '06, so a change can't hurt.

Also, can you imagine the boost for Nike Golf if Tiger could win the Open with one of their putters? It would be like when Zach Johnson won the Masters with a SeeMore putter.


courtgolf said...

If you'll check the rest of the transcript, you'll see that Tiger credited his ability to (1) hit approach shots close to the hole or to the correct part of the green, and (2) he "lag putted beautifully". He wasn't covering his eyes and praying that putts went in - he was in the right place to make putts or easy two putts, while other guys were three putting.

Obvious line of the day - St Andrews is not the only course The Open is played on - and he only has one win on another Open course, which gives some credence to his statement.

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