Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Far, So Great at Bandon Dunes

It really is an incredible place, mainly because when you sit back and think for a second, you realize, "I'm in f-ing Oregon, and I'm standing on this golf hole!!" That, of course, isn't a knock on Oregon as much as it is a compliment to the incredible golf courses that make up this thing they call Bandon Dunes.

Pacific Dunes. Old McDonald. Bandon Trails. The Old. They're all absolutely incredible on a level that my caddied John explained to me very well on Wednesday - "If any of these courses were not at this facility compared to the others, they'd be considered one of the best courses ever created." It's true when you think about it. Super hot girls aren't nearly as hot when they're surrounded by supermodels, but toss them next to a couple of dogs and they're absolutely stunning. That's Bandon Dunes.

On Tuesday I got the pleasure, thanks to adidas and TaylorMade, to play 36 holes on these amazing links with Steve Olsen (right, with me at Old McDonald) and Chris Dukeminier, the two men competing in the Wear in the World competition that wraps up on Thursday. Basically if you don't know, this is a competition that you'd give a leg or three to compete in. They spent 50 days traveling to nine countries to play golf, handing out stories to us throughout the day that made me wish I had thought of kidnapping one of them a couple of months back and telling the world that I was Steve or Chris. Golf at midnight in Norway? Yep. Golf with two girl caddies in Thailand, where one picks mangos for you from a tree? You betcha. Golf at Kingsbarns during Open week? Yessir.

I wish I could hate them both, but I can't. They're great players and even better dudes. It has been an absolute thrill meeting them and the rest of the adidas-TaylorMade group, along with Josh from The Hacker's Paradise.

I'll have more from the trip when it wraps, but right now we have to go get some grub and chat about the only thing you can chat about while at Bandon; golf.

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