Thursday, September 16, 2010

Colin Montgomerie Might Be Insane

The Ryder Cup is one of the five biggest events of the year when it rolls around, and everyone that loves golf loves the event. While none of us have ever played or coached the Cup, we know that strategy is involved in picking your lineup.

So much so, it appears, that Colin Montgomerie has basically gone off the deep end and decided to soundproof the European team room so that the Japanese Americans don't try to somehow sneak information away from their sessions of ping pong and Carlsbads.

Per the Daily Mail ...

Colin Montgomerie has had the European Ryder Cup team room at Celtic Manor sound-proofed to prevent any words of wisdom leaking into the American room next door.

With emotions likely to be running high at what is expected to be a closely-fought contest in a fortnight’s time, the Scot is taking no chances that the Americans might hear something they could use to their advantage.

Honestly, what all is going on in these team rooms? The lineups, for better or worse, are already picked at this point (Molinari brothers, McDowell and McIlroy, Donald and Fisher, Harrington and Kaymer), and it isn't like they're drawing up plays in the room to spring on the Americans when they least expect it.

"Okay Ian, on the fourth hole, I'm going to need you to spray that drive far left, while Lee heads over there in a hurry with his caddie. Lee, from there, I'm going to need a pitch back to the fairway, just in front of the Americans while Ian runs an out to the lay-up. From there, a long bomb to the pin to save par as Lee heads in for the alley-oop."

Lest we forget, IT'S GOLF!! Sure, team golf, but still golf, and there isn't a lot more you can do here but toss some people together and hope they can gain your team a point. Soundproofing your room, if anything, should give the Americans a little bit of hope as they head to Wales. If Monty thinks this is the type of stuff he must do to secure a win, maybe the Euros are a little more scared of the Americans than we previously thought.


Andy said...

Hahaha, that is some kind of crazy.

Same thing can be said for all the hype around who is going to play with who? I mean, does it really matter? Unless the guys just hate each other (Tiger and Phil, don't seem to be in love) they should be fine.
I would hope that the best players in the world could get their head around playing with a teammate they don't know that well.

Also, the American team seems to be the one with more decisions to make for pairings (possibly because there is more ego to get in the way). But for the Euros, throw any two guys together and they'll probably get along just fine.

Maybe Pavin can plant a mole or find another way to infiltrate Monty's cone of silence.

Mick said...

Crazy or not, I expect that Monty and his team will win by a big margin considering his success as a player at the Ryder Cup. Should be a good one in any case.

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