Friday, September 24, 2010

John Daly is Upset About the John Daly

If you've ever had an Arnold Palmer in your life (and I'm not going to explain the ingredients to you because if you visit this site, you best know what is in that delicious concoction), you've probably wondered aloud, "Humm, I wonder how this would taste with a little alcohol in it?"

That is what someone thought years ago when they dropped a little vodka in the Arnie, and after taking a few refreshing sips, figured out a new, incredible afternoon toddy. As the drink became popular, a name needed to be assigned to it, and logic reigned supreme when people started calling it the John Daly (golf name + former alcoholic = perfection).

Now, the next two things I'm about to say might shock you. Daly, taking to Twitter earlier this week, is going after restaurants that are using his name with the drink without permission. The other is that Daly just heard about this drink ON MONDAY!

I have absolutely no idea how that is possible. The Daly has been a signature alcohol drink for years. Nobody has ever gone up to him an asked if he was a fan of the Daly?

Here are Big John's Tweets:

For all my fans out there hittin the bars & events I'm lookin for your help--ANY PRINTED MENUS, BANNERS OR ADS promoting the "John Daly" drink--Can you please bring to my attention with a pic and/or a tweet of the bar location & brand of sweet tea! Thanks for lookin out!

when distributors are putting their Vodka Bottle Label on Point of Sale w/my name & w/out authorization in order to sell it-TradeMark Infrin

Yeah, sure, I can understand why he'd be mad about someone using his name without paying him some cash, but come on, what the hell else are we going to call this drink, the Scott McCarron? It's the John Daly. Always will be. Sorry, Big Guy.

h/t Willlllson


Roody said...

One would think the honor of having a drink universally named after you would be enough?

courtgolf said...

That's one of those rock and a hard place situations. I'd bet that the regular guy John Daly is proud to have the drink named after him - but his business people know that if one "infringement" is allowed without contest, there will be others lining up.

But asking fans to rat on places that use the name for the drink (I'd bet most of them are golf courses) just shows that it's a small time thing - probably not worth the effort of chasing down.

The Train! said...

it could very well be that what he's upset about is that it's an alcoholic drink. perhaps he doesn't want his name associated with alcohol given his history? TM infringement may be the only argumentative strategy he has that could be effective.

Anonymous said...

Next up: A condom called the Tiger.

Shane B. said...

I wish you hadn't been anonymous, guy, because that made me spit out my water. Well played.

Anonymous said...

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