Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kikkor Golf and the Washington Huskies Explain Anger Management

If you don't know what Kikkor Golf is, you should probably take a second to check it out, because it's going to make Ben Hogan start tossing clubs at the owner. That is, it's a skateboard looking golf shoe that is starting to get pretty darn popular.

The owner, James Lepp, and Washington Golf Coach Matt Thurmond announced that at the Kikkor Golf Husky Invitational, there will be a club throwing competition.

Oh, and then they showed off their skills. Pretty great video, and reminds me of a story of this crazy, crazy dude that used to be on my high school golf team. The guy had a ton of skill but calling him a head-case is almost an insult to headcases around the world. One afternoon on the 11th tee at my home course, he tossed his driver into one of those tall pine trees that make up East Texas. He freaked, and ended up driving up to his house, bringing 14 clubs back that he wasn't currently, losing, and got about 11 of them stuck up in the same tree without dislodging the original club.

For about a year or two later, whenever a big storm blew through my hometown, you were bound to drive down to the 11th tee and find a random club on the ground, blown out by the storm.

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John said...

I think I was there when he threw the club into #11. We got bored so we wrestled instead of golfing.