Monday, September 13, 2010

Sergio Garcia Continues to Make it Easy to Hate Sergio Garcia

After the PGA Championship, Sergio Garcia decided to take some time away from golf because he wasn't playing well and said he needed to find a way to love the game again (My suggestions: lubricating those Wynn grips).

A few weeks later, Colin Montgomerie picked Sergio as his fourth vice-captain (Ed. Note - They really need four vice captains? High school teachers have to deal with more students than these vice captains have to deal with professional golfers.).

Now, we see what Sergio is really interested in. He's going to play professional soccer!!!

No, not really, but come on dude, soccer? I know you're from Spain, blah blah blah, but don't do stuff to make Americans hate you even more. We have enough hatred stored up from you from Bethpage and Carnoustie to last a lifetime. Maybe spend your time petting cats or something.


Second City Golfer said...

Why is this a big deal?

Is this not taking a break from golf?

Anonymous said...

Hate!, indeed. Methinks you could spend your words more wisely, Shane.

Anonymous said...