Thursday, September 30, 2010

Your Obligatory 1999 Ryder Cup Video

When I was growing up, I started to save important newspaper clippings about big sporting events. It was just a weird little thing I did, mainly because I liked going back and reading stuff and mainly because I was stupid enough to think some newspaper clipping about Tiger Woods winning the 1997 Masters would someday be worth something.

At one point I saved some Sports Illustrated mags of great importance. The ones I still have at my Texas home? Tiger winning the '97 Masters, Tiger winning the '99 PGA Championship and that famous Ryder Cup when Justin Leonard made the putt heard 'round the world.

That Ryder Cup will most likely never be topped. It had everything you could ask for in team competition. A captain making a promise, ugly shirts, a villan and a hero (Leonard) and controversy galore. Watching this video STILL gives me chills, and I hope one day, when I'm old as dirt and sitting with my kiddo who has the golf bug like I did, we can watch these matches and he can ask me questions about it.

This is the Ryder Cup. This is history.


John said...

Oh, god, those old Ryder Cup shirts... my eyes! The goggles do nothing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info