Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ammmmerrricaaaa, F--K No?

Lee Westwood was one of the influential members of the 2010 European Ryder Cup win. He also moved to second in the world on Monday, and has a good chance at becoming the top dog if he can play decent at the Dunhill Links Championship this week in Scotland (tough to do when you've been drinking five days straight).

So what to do as his encore performance? Stop playing on the PGA Tour, that's why. His reasoning? Well, it isn't going to shock you and me, but it might piss off a man or two at PGA Tour headquarters.

"I don't want to be dictated to by having to go to America to play FedEx Cup when it doesn't really mean that much to me. It doesn't mean enough to me anyway.

"I think they (the PGA Tour) would like me to go and be a member there, but as of Monday evening I became an individual again and I do what's right for Lee Westwood now."

Talk about a blow to the FedEx Cup, but honestly, it's nice to see someone say things like this. A week or so ago I got an interesting e-mail from a guy high up at the PGA Tour questioning my article about the FedEx Cup. He said that players do in fact love the playoffs, but Westwood basically disses that claim.

This shouldn't surprise most people. While the PGA Tour is always thought to be the best tour in the world, and most people swarm it because of the money, it isn't like the European Tour is chopped liver. Those guys are really good, and the money is still fantastic, and Westwood obviously isn't worried about his bank account.

He wants to be closer to home and you can't blame him for that. The thing is, not having him on the PGA Tour means we will only see him a couple of times a year. That part definitely sucks.


Colin said...

Good for Westy, the FedEx Cup is the worst event in all of sport. I hope more world players stick their fingers up to the PGA Tour and their 15 event rule as we all know only the majors really count anyway.

greenfee said...

A poke in the eye for Mr Fincham. Not good for the PGA Tour to not have the world #1 (in waiting :-) on it!
European Tour 2 - 0 PGA Tour

diane said...


US B-52s Carpet Bomb OWGR Headquarters

With the ascent of Englishman and non-PGA Tour member, Lee Westwood, to the number one position in the World Golf rankings, today the PGA Tour announced it had contracted with the US Air Force to bomb the OWGR headquarters back to the Stone Age. According to a statement released by the PGA Tour’s Tim Finchem, the reason behind the attack is, “It’s unfathomable that anyone who is not a full-time member of the PGA Tour should be ranked the best golfer in the world.” Finchem continues, “We Americans are more important than anyone else. If the best player in the world was not born here, the very least he could do is swear allegiance to the Tour that represents our most important value — GREED!”

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