Friday, October 29, 2010

Ehh, Who Wants a Million Bucks Anyway?

If you haven't heard this story yet, it's a great one to end your week and kick off a fantastic Halloween. At a charity event put on by Alonzo Mourning, a former Commodities Exchange chairman named Marty Greenberg made an ace on a par-three that was giving away a million dollars for such a score, but the guy won't get the money in exchange (seewhatIdidthere?) for the ace because the hole wasn't as long as they said it was supposed to be.

See, every tournament has a company that insures hole-in-one contests, and you pay a certain amount for yardage (obviously you're paying more for the insurance if the hole is shorter, less if it's longer). The company at this event was named Odds on Promotions, and they had insured the million bucks for a hole that play 150 yards or longer, and this one was supposed to be 150 yards.

Problem is, when a company gets had for a million bones, they do a little investigating, as you'd expect, and they found out that this hole wasn't playing as long as they'd said.

"It's obvious that Mr. Greenberg made his hole-in-one 12 to 15 yards less than the 150 yards," said Gilmartin. He claimed that when his team arrived on the course to measure the shot, the tees had been moved back from the tape-recorded tee-off location in order to achieve the proper yardage.

I have to say, I've seen this a bunch of times in pro-ams and it's good that this company had a camera set up so they didn't get screwed. The hole-in-one promotional sign will say something like "Win a Car!" and have the yardage, and the tees will be up a few yards from where they said. This could be as honest a mistake as some greenskeeper mowing and then moving the tees where he wanted, but that's why they have the small print.

That said, winning a million bucks only to find out you didn't get a cent of it has to feel a little like Dustin Johnson actually making that par putt on 18 at the PGA Championship only to find out he would be missing out on the playoff by a shot.

h/t Busbee


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