Monday, October 18, 2010

Greg Norman Is Giving Hal Sutton A Run For His Money

I truly believe this and don't care what anyone says, some people are engineered to be married and some aren't. My mom? Engineered to be married. She's nice and loving and friendly and awesome. Tiger Woods? Not so much. He is too famous for one woman, and has proved that in his first attempt.

I also don't think there is anything wrong with being the single man for life, as long as you are big enough to understand that. People get married too young, at the wrong time too often, and it backfires, thus the reason divorce is so prevalent in this world. But enough serious talk, because all this is based around the fact that Greg Norman is GETTING MARRIED AGAIN! Geez. This guy doesn't learn.

After his first divorce cost him $103 million, and his second marriage to Chris Evert blew up in his face so quickly it almost seemed like a Vegas fling, the Aussie superduperstar is getting hitched again, this time to a 41-year-old named Kirsten Kutner.

I guess I just don't get it. Maybe he's in love, maybe he isn't, but the bottom line is, WHY INSIST ON GETTING MARRIED? WHAT IS THIS PROVING? Are these people so insecure that they must have someone linked to them at all times, no matter what the future will most likely hold?

Famous people that read this blog: stop getting married. Just stop it. There are .01 percent of famous people that can get married and withstand the temptations outside of their loving bedroom. It isn't the famous person's fault as much as it is our society, with girls and guys that would do anything for a star, but it is your fault if you, for lack of a better phrase, put a ring on it.

Norman, I'm setting the over/under on 21 months, and taking the under.


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