Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Mean, What The Hell?

This photo above is what Miguel Angel Jimenez does with his hair. No, it isn't a joke. It isn't some Photoshopped wig off the one dollar bill, or some karaoke thing he did with Cher. This is the look Jimenez goes with to have his photo shown on national television for all the world to see.

He woke up one morning and did this to his hair, and people told him "Well done!" They patted him on his back and tousled his locks and told him, "Miguel, you are a beautiful man!"

That is the look that one of the 12 best golfers in Europe is sporting. We could lose every match for the rest of eternity and we'd still be winners compared to that.


Anonymous said...

Nombre de a GoogleReader!


Patricia Hannigan said...

In golf yet... that's the thing that makes it so funny. I mean you've got Troy Polamalu, or Manny Ramirez... Randy Johnson with that awful mullet. And those are hardly noticed. But let a golfer have hair like MAJ... or for that matter Rickie Fowler and everyone's shocked. Go figure. :\

Anonymous said...

Still kicked the USA's ass!

Anonymous said...

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