Thursday, October 28, 2010

Japan Tour About to Become 60 Percent Less Fun

Alright, if your kid is reading this, put your hands over his/her eyes for a moment. Done that? Okay, here goes ... golfers like doing drugs. It's a fact. Well, more to the point, golfers enjoy substances. No matter if it's caffeine or alcohol or drugs or even the occasional Charlie Sheen, golfers are going to get their fill somehow.

It's rare, outside of Corey Pavin's locker room, that you'll find a group of golfers that don't enjoy indulging. It is just part of the game.

So, for those golfers that do enjoy partying *taps nose, Japan is going to be the furthest place you'll want to visit. The tour is going to start drug testing starting early November because of Wayne Perske and his inability to keep his coke in his pocket.

Japan golf tour president Tadashi Koizumi says tests for illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine will begin at the Nov. 11-14 Taiheiyo Masters.

The 36-year-old Perske was allegedly carrying a packet containing 1.25 grams of cocaine in his pocket at a bar in Chiba prefecture on Friday and was later arrested.

The craziest part of this story, and my tidbit for "you learn something new everyday" - if you get caught with illegal drugs in Japan, you can get SEVEN years in prison. Holy hell. Even the cast of "Brokedown Palace" find that extreme.

So, yeah, if you're going to do drugs, I'd say the Japan Tour might not be your cup of tea.

(Completely random update: Not a good endorsement for Paris Hilton when I google "Japan drugs" and she is on the first page of the images FOUR times. Well done, Paris.

Second update: Try "Japan cocaine." She's every single damn picture.

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courtgolf said...

Interesting stuff - and personally I applaude the no nonsense approach to drugs. Are there drugs in Japan ? Of course there are. But at least their legal system wants you to think twice before putting some drugs into your body.

And I'm not sure the players OR Charlie Sheen would appreciate the implication. (lol)