Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jeff Overton is Awesome

Just watch this. How do you not love this guy?


courtgolf said...

Yes - you can usually count on people from Evansville, Indiana ! :-)

Patricia Hannigan said...

I found the reaction, to his reaction, so interesting.

So many Europeans said "this is why we hate Americans", "this is typical American idiocy/arrogance", etc. While the Americans themselves almost universally admired/applauded/were enchanted, by it. Same thing happened with Boo Weekly at Valhalla right, and Lee Westwood himself complained? But before that there was Sergio Garcia who was criticized by Americans for being too "out there" and Seve Ballesteros before him. It just seems that whenever there's a demonstrative reaction... on either side... there's a negative reaction from "golf curmudgeons" on the other side. It's almost become part of the event. :o\