Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh No! Anthony Kim Parties in Vegas!!

It is stories like this that make being a professional athlete seem a lot less sexy. Anthony Kim, a 25-year-old professional golfer that has three PGA Tour wins and has made over $11 million in career earnings, is in Las Vegas this weekend for the N'Sync Classic Justin Timberlake.

He is a young, successful guy that is playing in an event during the "offseason" of professional golf, especially for someone like him, who doesn't have to worry about his tour card, and he's out having a good time in Vegas, LIKE EVERY OTHER 25-YEAR-OLD ON THE PLANET EARTH DOES WHEN THEY GO TO VEGAS!

But, Kim is known as a "partier," so this must be trouble. Let the Las Vegas Review Journal take it away ...

Pro golfer Anthony Kim could use a lesson or two to brush up his gaming table etiquette. His salty language and screaming was so bad that Kim, 25, was asked to tone it down Monday by Bellagio management.

"He is one loose cannon," said a dealer, who said Kim may have set a personal record for F-bombs while playing high-stakes craps over the weekend.

Kim and poker superstar Phil Ivey were seated at the same table on Friday, ordering cognac and high-end whiskey.

Okay, a few things. First, Monday night to golfers is like Saturday night to us. They don't have anything going on the next day except possibly a nine-hole practice round and some range time. They have to unwind at some point, right? It isn't the f-ing Masters! It's a tournament in the Fall Series!

The uproar over stuff like this is frustrating. Kim seems like a chill dude, who enjoys life and his position and has some fun with it. I guarantee you if I was a PGA Tour player, entered in this event, I would have been sitting right next to Kim, tossing around the occasional curse word and tossing back a few drinks. He's living the life. Let him live it.

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Anonymous said...

NSync jokes? Really?

Did you write this blog entry in 2001?

Matt said...

The lede of the story is that AK was A FOUL-MOUTHED A-HOLE while partying in Vegas, NOT just that he was partying in Vegas. Pretty weak media criticism, Shane.

Shane B. said...

So he cusses? Yep, what a jerk! He should be kicked off the tour for having a dirty mouth!

Cam said...

Nothing wrong with a potty mouth in Vegas.
Good on him. I'm at the table with you Shane!

Aussie Golfer said...

That's the second person who has called him a loose cannon! :-)
Harmless stuff really and a pity it made the news.

[konoimo] >-< said...

Well he got more time to party in vegas now... He has officially withdrawn from the Nsync Golf classic.

Anonymous said...

LOL, you neanderthals serious? How about acting with a little class? Droppin' f-bombs like a dumb fratboy, not excusable anywhere. Good on the Bellagio staff for telling him to stick a cork in it.

Anonymous said...

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

poker tips said...

I'm pretty sure that they played some poker after the game. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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