Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The PGA Grand Slam of zzzzzzz ...

This is from the PGA Grand Slam of Golf Wikipedia page: "The PGA Grand Slam of Golf is an annual off-season golf tournament contested by the year's winners of the four major championships of regular men's golf, which are the Masters Tournament, the U.S. Open, The Open Championship (British Open), and the PGA Championship. It is one of several invitational events for leading male golfers which are held each year after the PGA Tour and the European Tour seasons have concluded. The competition is organized by the PGA of America and the prize money does not count towards the PGA Tour money list."

The tournament kicked off on Tuesday. It included Graeme McDowell (2010 U.S. Open Champion), Martin Kaymer (2010 PGA Championship winner), David Toms (2001 PGA Championship winner) and Ernie Els (three time major winner, the last being in 2002).

Seriously, when can we stop kidding ourselves that this tournament is what it says it is? It isn't. Not even close. Since 1997, there have only been four years that all four major winners actually showed up to this thing to play in it. Hell, Louis Oosthuizen, a first-time major winner at the British this season, skipped the damn thing.

It's a joke of an event to give major winners a chance to fly to Hawaii Bermuda and play some golf for a large sum of money that will only make us all realize how great their lives are and how much ours suck.

Honestly, I'd feel better if this thing was played in the dark and never reported on, like one of those Yale clubs that everyone wants to join but only sends out invitations to Kennedys.

Btw, David Toms? Really? What, was Lee Janzen busy filming a baby powder commercial?

(Update: I looked up how much the winner got, and realized it was $600,000. I bet Toms couldn't jump on that plane fast enough when they called him to be in this thing.)

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Anonymous said...

It is now played in Bermuda not Hawaii... You reall do not care about this truly meaningless money grab.

courtgolf said...

I don't get the negativitiy towards this thing. It's not a money "grab" - it's a money OFFER. The sponsors think they can make at least one more dollar than it costs to put this thing on. Why all the complaining ? It's not costing you anything for them to play this event.

If you want to watch it - great.

If not - go do something else.

Either way - there doesn't seem to be a reason for the complaining. Personally, I like seeing great golfers making shots. It's golf - not football. What kind of excitement are you thinking you're going to get from this particular event that you wouldn't get from another golf tournament ?

Shane B. said...

"I like seeing great golfers making shots."

The two major winners shot 72 and 74. Looks like there were a TON of great shots.

UKWendy said...

Louis has an ankle injury - otherwise I bet he would have loved to play.

Don't begrudge them the money, but the format could be improved - round robin?

courtgolf said...

lol - I didn't say great shots, I said great golfers. Even when they "only" shoot 72 or 74, they're a lot better than me and I can maybe learn something from them.

McDowell said he was hitting it better than he was at the Dunhill Links - his wind game was terrible there, but he thinks he's gotten it back there in Bermuda....where it's warm...and sunny...and dry. (lol)