Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At Least Hunter Mahan is Humble

You hear from time to time about some of the PGA Tour stars with huge egos. One of the names that is usually tossed around is Hunter Mahan, an incredible talent that has won three times on the PGA Tour. Mahan is the type of golfer that seems to "get it" in the sense of understanding things and being cool. But, that's why Twitter is amazing. Because you really get to see what's up with a person (and that's why you find guys like Stewart Cink so amazing. Doesn't look like much from the cover, but he has a great sense of humor, an incredible ability to interact with fans and give us just enough insight to where we stay interested but don't get jealous).

So, Mahan started up the Twitter machine and it seems is in desperate need for followers (I point you all towards a great Will Leitch quote about this very thing from a few months back about how stupid it is to try to get higher numbers). He keeps asking for great ideas on how to get more, etc.

And, well, he did this.

Yep, that is him, asking you the fan, to retweet a message that says he is the man. Seriously. Isn't this like giving yourself a nickname, or voting for yourself in some talent contest? First, who cares if you have a billion followers of 50. Second, maybe stray away from the "I'm the man" contingent here if possible.

After reading this, I'm fairly convinced that Mahan is the type of guy that wears a big silver chain to the gym.

Via Sobel's Twitter


Gene Oberto said...

Or ugly sunglasses playing golf!

Loopin' For The Lama said...

A friend of mine plays tour golf (not PGA) and works a bit with Sean Foley. Anyway, he said he had dinner at Foley's house and the whole group was there. He said that Casey and Rose are down to earth and nice guys and that Mahan is a first rate asshole. Basically doesn't acknowledge golfers that aren't on the PGA Tour.

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