Monday, November 1, 2010

Belen Mozo Will Quickly Hit Your Radar

When I talk to my friends about female athletes that are attractive, rarely do any of them get out of "athlete hot." That is, most female athletes that we find attractive are attractive for their trade, but aren't really going to blow you away at a bar if you didn't know who they were (obviously no offense to any female athlete friends of mine, you're all hot and I love you all).

But, there is a golfer named Belen Mozo, and she will quickly be a household name to you if and when she starts playing full-time professional golf on the LPGA Tour.

I've met Belen, and she's really nice, and funny, so the personality works, and she went to USC, which makes her kinda alright at this game.

So, yeah, here are some pics of Mozo, and no, I'm not putting these up for any other reason than to introduce you guys to a girl that is cute and good at golf and will most likely be heading some sort of athlete hot list in the coming years.

(Also, side note rant - when did Hugh Grant get jacket? Is he just eating protein 20 hours a day? Man, being an actor must be incredible.)

Getty Images


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