Thursday, November 18, 2010


Rory McIlroy is one of my favorite golfers in the world. Why? Because he's awesome, and he's from Ireland, and I like awesome things from Ireland (picks up glass full of dark liquid ... points at it).

But, it's moments like these when you realize the dude is 21. Rory, for some reason I'll have to get explained to me over a big bowl of pasta, dyed his hair (is this even a dye job? Did he just walk in the middle of a bleach fight?) that color, and then posed for photos sporting the new 'do.

I'm assuming Rory's head is pointing off stage, towards the sky as he wonders, "God, why hast you done this to me?" That's actually Romans 6:18.

Good news for camp What The Hell Is Wrong With Your Head - McIlroy shot 63 at the Hong Kong Open and is a shot back.

Getty Images