Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Heckling Tiger in Australia Will Be Interesting

Not a Tiger Woods fan? Well, that's fine, nobody will yell at you about that. Not a Tiger Woods fan and want to let him know that? Well, that's where it gets interesting.

This week at the Australian Masters, Tiger will be making his first appearance in the Land Down Under since all the infidelity stuff, but you best leave your heckling shoes at home, because that will not be allowed. Not even twice.

Via the Herald Sun blog ...

While Woods is now on his way to Crown Casino where he will stay in luxury accommodation for the duration of his trip, fans are being warned if they heckle the philandering golfer over his bedroom antics they will be booted from Victoria Golf Club.

While golf fans are traditionally well behaved, hecklers tempted to unleash on Woods will be given just one warning before being shown the gate.

Crowds of up to 100,000 are expected over the five days of action at the Cheltenham sandbelt course.

Hum. So, you pay Tiger $3 million to show up, with the government footing half that bill, and then you force the taxpayers heading out to your course to stay quiet? I know golf is a gentlemen's sport, and I'm not really one to promote yelling at anyone playing, but this seems a bit harsh.

Also, it seems like we might see a few people tossed out for screaming anything at Tiger. If there is one thing Australians are good at, besides being tan, is drinking, and after a few pints on a sunny day, expect exchanges to occur. My only question is this -- what if someone pulls a banner behind the airplane making fun of Tiger? Will they get shot down?

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