Monday, November 8, 2010

Mark Calcavecchia Only Needed 13 Clubs This Weekend

I must say, I've always been a Mark Calcavecchia fan. I have absolutely ZERO reason why I love him, he just seems like a normal guy that has some fun and has won some big events and I'd like to have a beer or two with.

This weekend at the Champions Tour event, I fell in love even more. Calc, who has always seemed to be battling with the putter when things aren't going great, decided the putter had rolled its last putt, and gave it to a kid on the 14th hole. It was the third round of the Charles Schwab Cup Championship, and Calc had just made three bogeys in a row.

So, thanks to Local Knowledge, here is my vote for quote of the fall.

"I three-putted 14 when I knocked the first one by about seven feet," Calcavecchia said, "then I parred 15 and birdied 16, when I made a five-footer. It was my long putt of the week. I'm not kidding you - I've had 32, 34 and 36 putts this week. I'm good for 38 tomorrow. I might just stick with the 3-wood and not even bring a putter out. Maybe I can find a long one, but my options are slimming down quick."

How did Calc do the rest of the round with the 3-wood as his putter? He played the remaining four holes 1-under. Also, he shot 68 on Sunday, his low round of the week.

Photo courtesy of Bill Fields