Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Martin Kaymer Is a Good Boyfriend

Take that, Tiger Woods! You spend 2009 Thanksgiving ruining your marriage, and Kaymer, just 25, is going to spend his skipping your golf tournament so he can be his girlfriend's beck and call? Your move, Woods.

Yep, Kaymer decided to pull out of the Chevron World Challenge so he could carry the golf bag for his girlfriend, Allison Micheletti. The American golfer is attempting to get through Ladies European Tour Pre-Qualifying, and Kaymer, the third ranked golfer in the world and PGA Championship winner, will be lugging her bag for her.

A first round 89 wasn't exactly what Micheletti was hoping for, but has it together in her second round, probably thanks to Kaymer being around and encouraging her.

You have to love stories like this. Kaymer is only 25, a millionaire a few times over, and already realizes that no matter what's going on, he will always need to put the lady first.

So, yes, Kaymer wins for boyfriend of the week. If you have any other nominations, like an astronaut borrowing a rocket to show his girlfriend the stars up close, we'd love to hear it.

h/t Golf365.com


[konoimo] >-< said...

whatever, martin kaymer is pootitang whipped... that's another way to look at things. geez, what guys will do to get laid. he's just racking up the brownie points.

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