Thursday, November 18, 2010

Now That's An Interesting Scorecard

The reason PGA Tour Q-School is so interesting is because it is a melting pool the likes of which no other sport sees. There are people from small towns in Alabama, people from South America, rich country club kids and anyone else that doesn't fit in those categories (Okay, fine, I'll say it ... Canadians).

No matter the year, I always like to scroll through the scores in Q-School to see names I know or have played with before and see how they're doing. My first ever professional tournament, a Pepsi Tour event, had me paired with a gentlemen I would get to know very well in the Phoenix area. His name was Benoit Beisser, a peculiar type that ended up being a member of one of the "Big Breaks."

He is a solid player, and one of the things I remember from that round is how he went bogeyless throughout the entire round until the last hole, when he snap-hooked his drive about 50 yards left of the fairway. It was a moment that helped me, because it showed even the most steady players have nervous moments.

Well, Benoit as he goes by, is in contention at the second stage of Q-School in Murrieta, California, but not like you'd think. He has shot rounds of 71-68 for a share of sixth place (this location takes the top-20 and ties to third stage), but look at his second round scorecard.

Benoit had the following:

- Eight Pars
- Five Birdies
- One Bogey
- One Double-Bogey
- One Triple-Bogey
- One Eagle
- One Double-Eagle

Can you imagine that scorecard?!?!? I mean, it's insane. The best part? He made the double-bogey and triple-bogey in succession and was four-over for the day at that point, only to go birdie-par-eagle-par-double eagle. What a stretch of holes.

So, yes, even the pros have those roller coaster rounds. Hopefully he can steady the ship a little these next two days and just focus on the circles.


Loopin' For The Lama said...

I'm not sure if this is a good 68 or a bad 68. Triple Bogey and Double Eagle in the same round? Talk about an emotional roller coaster.

Now stop hating on us Canadians, Shane!

Anonymous said...

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