Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sean Foley Makes a Great Point About Tiger

Tiger Woods changes swing coaches a lot (a lot a lot ... a lot), and his recent move to Sean Foley raised a few eyebrows (must ... resist ... stack and tilt ... joke).

But it seems that Foley is a rather intelligent fellow. He was asked about Tiger in a recent interview on PGATour.com, and made some compelling points, but this one might have been the smartest of his chat.

Making the swing I want him to make isn't that difficult for him, it's just that there's always going to be traces of every shot he's ever hit.

I mean, how true is that? Like how some golfers just can't shake certain golf swings at their home course that they face twice a week, Tiger will be compared to all of his golf shots over his career. When he's standing over a shot at Augusta National, we will get replays of his past success. When he's overlooking the 17th tee at Pebble Beach, the networks will replay his storm through the course in 2000.

All of that is true, but if Foley understands that (which apparently he does), it won't be nearly as hard to just do what he does and not worry about the other stuff.

Like a new relationship, if the girl is always comparing herself to your ex-lover, it'll never work, but if she's comfortable in herself, life can move on, and you can all be happy.

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Anonymous said...

Great example comparing Foley's remark to that of the girlfriend/ex-lover. I also guess that is what Tiger was also indicating when he initially said he would have to mull over what it would mean if he committed to Sean as a coach. It would take some work and obvously FULL commitment. Tiger as well as Sean knows that the so-called media and golf gurus would be comparing this realtionship to that of Butch Harmon and Hank Haney. But why the fuss about Tiger and a new coach. Many golfers over their lifetime have done the same. Phil Mickelson is now with Butch Harmon. I con't think there was so much fuss about the change. Also, Adam Scott was once a wonder boy with Butch and he did not win a major while with Butch. Greg Norman was with Butch and though he won a few majors, he still did not win as many as Tiger. Neither Phil nor Greg (obviously) will win as many majors as Tiger. Phil is already closing in on 40 and even if he wins another 5 majors in the rest of his golfing life, he still will not overtake Tiger. No knock against the young guns, the Euros and the Internationals, no matter the talent, they will have a hard slog winning 14 majors counting year 2010 and on. Say what you want about Tiger, only his desire and relentless picking at his private life and housind by the media might stop him. The media did "lynch" Tiger (with some help from Tiger) but with their poison pen and analysis including those on The Golf Channel which became a TMZ and National Enquirer.