Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So, Old Guys Don't Love Remote Control Cars?

One of the best parts of being teamed up with Busbee at Yahoo! is how funny some of the stuff that lands in his inbox is. Including this video, of some kids (PUNKS!) messing with some old guys on a golf course (GET OFF MY LAWN!).

Basically, two guys are wanting to mess with some older fellas, so they got a remote-controlled car to drive out on the green.

What happened next is very "Jackass"-y.

NSFW audio, via Devil Ball ...

I have watched this thing like five times and have laughed every time. I love that the kids are so pissed, I love that the old guy took his club to it, I love that they almost went to blows, and I love that the old guy ran after them the whole time. Love is in the air, indeed!


JT said...

That just made my day. Got to have love for the older gentlemen that flip a switch and get after some emo's

John said...

Im sorry but that was not funny to me. Those two old farts can be very lucky i was not one of the two kids because i would have broken both their legs.
To go after a kid with a golf club is atempted MURDER. They should go to jail. Stupid old men who probably cant get it up anymore and decide to take it out on two kids, how is that funny?
The kids played a harmless prank and the guy wants to KILL HIM with his club??
Again i have to applaude the kid for laughing at it, if it was me, I would have made sure the old stupid men have to eat their food thru a straw for the resto of their days.

Rarely have i been upset over a video like this. The kids should press charges

yayitake said...

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roller shutters perth said...

Most elders find remote controlled devices as rather a nuisance. They prefer the manually operated devices.

Maia Dobson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maia Dobson said...

This video is very hilarious. I just think the kids just went on too much and it's kinda rude. I hope the old man don't take it seriously.

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