Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Tiger Woods PR Push Isn't Going So Well

Last week, Tiger Woods and TEAM Tiger Woods decided that the most famous golfer on the planet should start acting less machine, more human. They got him on a popular radio show to chat for 30 minutes. They forced him to start Tweetin. They made him write a piece for Newsweek.

All of these things were supposed to show the world that, "Dammit, Tiger Woods is a real man and he's a great dude and we should all love him!"

So, how has that worked out so far?

"People perceive him to be a complete fraud," said Ronn Torossian, president of 5W Public Relations in New York. "Making a mistake in your personal life is one thing, but being seen as a complete insincere and fraudulent person is quite another."

"The single worst thing that ever could happen to Tiger Woods may be happening," said Michael Kempner, president of MWW Group public relations in East Rutherford, N.J. "He has gone from being immortal to being extraordinarily mortal."

Listen, I have always had a respect for Tiger as a golfer, but I never one thought he was interesting at all. He won tournaments at a phenomenal rate and that was sweet. He took down major championships like they were Hooters Tour events. He fist-pumped and we all were amazed because no golfer used to fist-pump.

But, he was boring. And insincere. And as my grandmother has always told me, the spots don't change. A person is who they are, and while there is always good in people, for the most part, you get what you get with people.

Instead of doing all this stuff that Tiger is doing, I wish he'd come out and just be honest about who he is. Don't write tweets about how cool it is to wear shorts during a radio interview, just let us know, "Hey, I'm a bottled up individual, who doesn't like to give much out about my personal life. Hate me or love me, but that is what you get." If Tiger did that, I think we'd all respect him a lot more.

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Jim Dauer, said...

Agree. Tiger needs to just shut the hell up and play. Seems to be working pretty well for Michael Vick.

Wait... Did I just recommend Michael Vick as a role model? Kill me now.

Shane B. said...

You aren't the first ... I saw a column on some terrible website comparing the two.

Anonymous said...

Should we all be clones of each other.That's why the world is so interesting - all sorts of people , all sorts of personalities. Tiger has always been an introvert/ shy and uncomfortable in the public. That how I saw him in 1996 when he won the last US Amateur. His golfing abilities/performance is what spoke for him. I am not sure what some people want from him. I suspect that some peolpe will only be happy if he goes on OPRAH and tear off his clothes, bawl, tell about the things/events in his life that contributed to his Moral failure ---even then some people will cry phony. Maybe it is his Racial makeup.Guess what, though we are all like Tiger- Flawed, Sinful, capable of horric behaviour. None of us on planet earth is exempt. So as we condemn him, condemn ourselves also, because we are all going to face the judgement when we die

Steph said...

Cmon Shane. Like your life is any more boring than Tiger's. U cant even make it on any pro Tour if you wanted to. You live in a shack in Phoenix and drive a car not even my mom would drive. Give me a break.