Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tiger's New House Is Insane

Wow. Talk about a golfer's paradise. Tiger Woods' new $55 million house is finished in Florida, and, I mean, what can you say? It is enormous, but more than that, it looks like you could practice for weeks outside his backyard.

The practice facility was set up to give Tiger a chance to practice in any wind conditions, which is one of the smartest things he might have ever done.

So, yeah, Tiger might not be the same golfer, but he does have the range to work on his game for days.


courtgolf said...

How about that lap pool ? Looks to be a lot longer than an Olympic pool.

But what do you do with a house that size ? Even married with 2 kids it's monstrous.

I wonder what club he'll join there. Several top notch clubs in the area...but there are a number of retirement communities with more than one 18...executive length, of course. (lol)

Karl said...

That house is just awesome. I think he should probably tighten its security even more.

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security guards perth said...

There are rumors that he might sell this Jupiter island home. He is spending around $5.4 million in taxes and other fees. The security alone costs him $16,666 monthly, which include three staff and state of the art security system and guard house.

roller doors perth said...

The lot size is off the scale. Since Tiger Woods is single, the house is a bachelor pad.

Anonymous said...

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