Thursday, November 11, 2010

When Two Equals One, Twice (Right?)

Hey all you ace-less golfers, ready to hate two seemingly innocent college females? Okay, let's hate!

Erica (left) and Lindsey Bensch are golfers at the University of Central Oklahoma (Go Bronchos!!, and that isn't misspelled), and during a practice round at KickingBird Golf Club (I can't make these names up), both made an ace. On the same day. Seriously.

Erica, a junior, knocked it in from 124-yards out on the third hole, while Lindsey waited until No. 11 to make hers, from 142.

Via the Bronchos website ...

“I was walking up to the 10th green and had just set my bag down when I heard all this whooping and hollering and so I knew Lindsey had done it,” Erica said. “I had finally got my first hole in one to tie her and she had to go one-up me again.

"It was a really cool day for us."

Yeah, yeah, yeah, more crazy hole-in-one stories.

As always, I say congrats to the Bensch girls and I hate you both in the same sentence. At least they weren't 98-years-old this time.

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