Friday, December 31, 2010

The 10 Coolest Videos of 2010

Everyone does lists, and I like to roll with the crowds, so I'm doing one as well. Here are my favorite golf videos of 2010, so enjoy them, and pass them along. Happy New Years everyone! (Also, Ed. Note, the Ben Crane workout video has been pulled from YouTube, thus the reason it wasn't 1, 2, and 3.)

10. It didn't happen in 2010, but it was very relevant this year ... Yes, Dear, a television show that I'm sure is good (or not?), predicted the Tiger Woods affair ... in 2005!

9. Chris Couch hit his second shot into the 18th green at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. It landed on the green. But not before it hit about seven rocks, bouncing around like a pinball. If Couch was trying this, that might be part of the reason he finished 109th on the money list.

8. A lady at a golf course was standing near Charl Schwartzel's ball when he missed the fairway ... and then decided to pick it up. The struggle between her and husband is priceless.

7. 300-yards out, trash can, nothing but net.

6. You know those shots when you're standing off-balance, and are always scared you're going to take a spill? Well, meet Keith Ohr, at the PGA Championship.

5. Alex Miceli goes crazy on The Golf Channel during the Accenture, ripping Tiger Woods, calling him "gutless." It really was the "George W. Bush hates black people" moment for golfers.


3. The clay pigeon video was one of my favorite, and most creative, EVER, so it has to make the list.

2. If you drive a remote control car on a green when old people are putting, they might not love it.

1. 77-year-old lady has a putt for $10,000 ... and she makes it. I love watching her reaction.

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