Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gillette Razor Burns Tiger

There are moments in this world when you realize that athletes really don't have much say about anything when it comes to sponsors. Sure, they can be told they're ideas are in the fray, but really, nobody is listening to them, and advertisers will do anything to push an extra product or two.

This has never been more apparent than the Gillette commercial that is linked above. Tiger Woods, along with Derek Jeter and Roger Federer, put together one of the best 60 seconds of unintentional comedy in commercial history. Everything, from the fact that they got Tiger to wear golf shoes ("HE'S A GOLFER, HE SHOULD HAVE ON SADDLEBAGS!!!") and actually look at them in the mirror, to the first bump and final gun shot by Federer, it is hilariously embarrassing.

It shows me that maybe these athletes aren't that cool to begin with, because if a sponsor came to me after I was worth $400 million, I would be hard pressed to toss on that "Jersey Shore" style outfit.

But bad news ... we won't ever get a Gillette commercial like that. The razor company has dropped Tiger as a front man, joining AT&T, Accenture and Gatorade.

So, yes, remember this ad, and when kids ask how Tiger was off the golf course in 200 years, I hope people can pull up this YouTube clip, and may all the kids chuckle to themselves.


TXQ said...

Conscious corn, no?

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