Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Great Golf Holes in the Snow

The one thing good about the winter besides the flu? Snow, and me not being around snow. See, snow is one of those things that you love when you don't have to deal with it. It's all white and beautiful and great in pictures, because that isn't me out shoveling that stuff while my feet freeze and my hands won't warm up until April.

So, I give you two pictures of snow on some great golf courses. The first, via Andrew Cotter, is Royal Troon in Scotland. I played that course this summer, and I seriously think it might be my favorite links course next to the Old. It was incredible, interesting and imaginative. Oh, and it's snowy!

The second photo from James Crawford is of Royal County Down in Ireland. That pic is great.

Alright, and since we are tossing in pictures of snow on famous golf courses, here is one from the fine folks at the Braeside Inn from a few years ago that they e-mailed me. It's St. Andrews!

Okay, now off to put some shorts on and ride my bike over to the local coffee shop.