Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Okay, one more, because I just can't help myself (♫I need you and nobody else, dum dum da dum ♫).

This one comes from Kevin Christiani, and these are serious golfers. Here, I'll even do a little Jon Gruden for ya ... "See the golfer right there on the left? That's real commitment right there. This isn't some pansy golf round, these are SERIOUS golfers playing a SERIOUS game. Look right there? That's a downright good swing, in downright blizzard conditions. You just don't see this type of stuff usually on a municipal golfing course. It's impressive."

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accudart said...

Awesome! I live in Northern Vt (Sheldon)and I last played Sat. Dec. 4th. It had just started snowing that morning and by the time we started (after street hockey) there was an inch or so of snow. The course the week earlier had resorted to the tempory greens as not to damage the regular ones. We found you could putt through the snow and installed a two club rule for grooming! The course in Williston is called Catamount and if there isn't much snow allow you to play. They run a food service out of the building and are there so it's not added overhead to man the place. I golfed with a member last month who played last Feb. so I'm crossing my fingers, the Northeaster we had this week are slowing my efforts lol