Monday, December 27, 2010

Man Played 600 Rounds of Golf in 2010, Likes Golf More Than Us

Face it, most golfers need some time away from the game. We get sick of the grind or the way we're swinging or just failing to accomplish our goals, and need a week or two away.

Well, we aren't Richard Lewis, a 64-year-old from Dallas, Texas, who apparently broke the Guinness Book of World Records number for rounds played in one year. Lewis played, gulp, 600 rounds this year!

That's 1.64 rounds per day, or 29.59 holes per day! This guy is insane!

"Did you ever think I would get to 600 rounds?" Lewis smiled as he celebrated his golfing accomplishment before a few dozen people late Sunday.

"I thought 400 was tough and 500 was a stretch, but 600 was what I had in mind all the time," he said. "It's a huge relief and sense of accomplishment."

In fact, Lewis felt he was slacking off on Sunday only doing 18 holes. He played 36 on Christmas Eve in cold rain and 36 more on Christmas day. "I can't remember the last time I did only 18 in a day," he said after carding an 86 in cold conditions.

The funny thing is, and I'm sure you'd all agree, is the first thing I thought was, "Damn, this dude must be single." Impressively, he isn't, and his girlfriend said it was cool, even playing some rounds with Richard.

Yo, Rich, come over here for a second. *whispers* okay dude, let me tell you something, don't ever screw it up with this lady. ever. there are millions of men around the world that get in trouble for playing nine holes per week instead of coming home, so the fact that you found a girl chill enough for this is incredible. buy her earrings. send her to a resort for a week's massage. cook her dinner for a week. whatever you do, don't lose her. i'm telling you.

Okay, so, yeah, this guy played 600 rounds, streamers and champagne for everyone. I'm officially impressed.


Grizzly Golfer said...

Congrats dude, you will now be immortalized in a book of idiots who do ridiculous things just to be better than other people who do ridiculous things.

This is the perfect case of not all publicity is good publicity.

Then again, at least he raised $8,800 for charity, which is more than I can say for myself.

Cam said...

On a similar note, these 2 dudes from my country New Zealand played a round of golf everyday this year all over the world. I got the chance to play a round with them at my home club a week ago. Great guys.

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