Thursday, December 30, 2010

My 10 Favorite Golf Photos of 2010

Everyone does lists, and I like to roll with the crowds, so I'm doing one as well. These are MY favorite pictures of 2010, and I'm sure you'll see exactly zero of them (sans number two) on any of the other lists around the Internet. Enjoy!

10. The Tiger Woods Mardi Gras float.

9. Doug Sanders in an all-pink suit at St. Andrews.

8. Hey, the first of two Monty pictures ... this one is going to turn you on, so make sure nobody is around.

7. Ryan Moore is, umm, I don't know, trying a new "poop-and-chip" swing? It's worth the click, trust me.

6. Miguel Angel Jimenez looks like George Washington.

5. Colin Montgomerie. A hoe (the garden tool). An asian lady. A tree. Like you won't look at this one.

4. Phil Mickelson sticking his tongue out in a the creepiest way possible.

3. Obligatory.

2. Arnold Palmer looking at Cristie Kerr's boobs. Seriously.

1. Me and the nephew playing some golf. Okay, this is one of MY favorites, but it's my blog, so yeah.


Patricia Hannigan said...

Great Photos. You're right, I'm glad I was alone when I clicked on 8.

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