Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rafael Cabrera-Bello Loses All His Golf Balls, Reminds Me of Some Movie

You ever been playing a round of golf, dig through your bag after losing yet another Penta, and realize, "Shit, i'm out of golf balls!" That is usually the moment you drudge around looking for an errant range ball, or sneak a couple of dirty balls out of your partner's bag. That is fine recreationally, not so much if you're playing a European Tour event.

That's why we introduce to you 26-year-old Rafael Cabrera-Bello, a man that lost 11 golf balls in the second round of the South African Open was forced to disqualify himself for this. How bad did the round get? He shot 46 on the front nine with an 8 and 10 on two holes (that's the type of 18 you don't want to finish in the golf world).

No word yet from Cabrera-Bello, but I'm assuming he isn't going to be taking a lot of good things back from this round of golf.

It also reminded me of a great story I had from back in my youth. Playing in a Houston Golf Association tournament as a teenager, I stood on the 18th hole at one of the Kingwood courses (interestingly enough, where they filmed Tin Cup), and continued to hack it around for the day. I hit my second shot in the water, and as I searched through my Ping Hoofer, I had a horrifying realization - I was out of golf balls. So, obviously the round was well out of hand, but it's a pride thing to finish tournaments, no matter how terrible you're playing. Slumped over and embarrassed, I picked up my golf bag to walk over to my playing partner and relay the news, and as I lifted the bag, I heard a rattle. There was a ball in the clubs area of my golf bag! Now, in the middle of the fairway in the middle of a tournament, I am taking all the clubs out of my golf bag, and dumping it, upside down, to get the Titleist that had been rolling around the bottom for who knows how long. I pitched it down the fairway, back on the green, and putted out. What did I do when I picked the ball out of the cup? Silently tossed the blackened golf ball into the water.

Cabrera-Bello, I feel your pain.

h/t Sobel

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