Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Does Anyone Really Want to See An Old Man's Dong?

(Just wanted you to know, I realize Brett Favre is also old, so I'm using the phrase "old" in my headline as "above 50.")

As you probably now know, Deadspin.com, a place I used to post some golf stuff back in the day, has obtained (maybe, possibly, sorta) a picture of an ex-American Ryder Cup captain's, umm, penis. Yep, the website was sent an e-mail by someone letting them know that they had a picture of some old fogey's fornicator, and it brought up some questions.

A.J. Daulerio posed a few important questions, mainly towards the mainstream media - "Is a picture of a captain's penis as newsworthy as the Tiger Woods sex scandal?"

He then went into five more questions:

* Did anyone on this list openly criticize Tiger Woods for his extra-marital activities? (Hypocrisy!)
* Would this behavior contradict this individual's public persona? (Hypocrisy!)
* Does anyone on this list have an endorsement contract that would possibly be impacted by this behavior? (It's a business story!)
* Has this behavior had any impact on the person's golf game? (It's a sports story!)
* Would Jim Gray be happy to know this type of information? (It's a Jim Gray story!)

While all this is Deadspin-y when you initially look at it, Daulerio brings up some great points. It really is a story within a story, and that has little (no pun intended) to do with the said penis. All this really is about is the golf media, a group of older, white gentlemen that have spent most of their latter days rubbing shoulders with the potential candidates for ShrinkledPenisGate. Are they going to report on a rumor like this with the hope of jeopardizing their relationship?

It also plays into a whole other ethical battle that goes something like this; with the Tiger sex rumors, it was easy to report on them without all the information, because no journalis really had a relationship with Tiger Woods. Now, they could be spitting out (potential) lies about a man like Tom Kite or Corey Pavin who is A.) married (ruins their marriage) and B.) a "friend."

It's just interesting, and it is the one problem with the old media. They had to gain relationships with these people. It was their job. They became friends, and drank wine with them and wrote lengthy pieces about how great they were. But now, that isn't the case. None of these guys open up to journalists anymore because they, frankly, don't give a shit about any of us. They make too much money to care about good or bad stories. They are taught ad nauseum not to do or say anything stupid, even if Anthony Kim continues to try and push this line, and it just isn't the same as it used to be.

So, with all that said, a penis is going to come out, but it will be a lot bigger than just a photo.


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