Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Round of the Sony Open Rained Out

Yep, it's official, the Thursday round of the Sony Open has been rained out in Hawaii, and since there isn't really anything else to say on that except they'll pick up golf on Friday, I figured why not learn a little bit more about me.

I once got mauled by a dog when I was younger, but I still like dogs. One is currently laying on the floor next to me, and has not attacked my face today or any other day.

I like short socks.

I don't subscribe to any magazines anymore except one, and that one is Golfweek.

I once won a long drive competition at a pro-am even though my tee ball hit off a roof.

Wow, wasn't that fun!?!?


Anonymous said...

I have one more question for you. What is your favorite food?

Shane B. said...

Mexican! Or sushi ... or chicken ... Yep, one of those.