Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mexico Is Making It Harder to Play LPGA Events in Mexico

Remember when going to Mexico used to be fun? The first time I ever got drunk was in Mexico, on a trip with my sister. The first time I ever felt like I was in love was after a Mexico trip with my first serious girlfriend in college. I went to Spring Break in Mexico three times in four years. That place was awesome. It was a destination where you went to relax, drink some mexican beers, and eat sloppy street tacos at 2 AM.

Not the case anymore. The drug cartels in Mexico have made the country a no-no for basically anyone not equipped with full body gear, and the LPGA is feeling the effects. According to Randall Mell of Thegolfchannel.com, the Tres Marias Championship might be moved and/or canceled this year, even though the contract goes through 2012.

“We’ve been advised to probably not go to Morelia as we sit here today because of some of the security concerns,” Mike Whan said. “Unfortunately, some of the violence has made it that far, including to some of the roads that we actually take from the airport to Tres Marias and the hotel.”

The region is reported to be a stronghold for the drug cartel La Familia Michoacana. Just last month, news reports detailed how five roads into Morelia were blocked by burning cars and buses and that Mexican police have been involved in gun battles with suspected drug traffickers.

Yeah, that doesn't sound like a good idea at all. A bunch of ladies, all with money, going to a place where these people know they're going? I think i'd pass if I was Whan and the LPGA.

Gone are those lazy Corona days on the beach, I believe, and that is pretty darn sad.

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