Thursday, January 27, 2011

Phil Mickelson Thinks Tiger Is Back, Sadly Enough

On Sunday night, every golf writer on the planet had a conference call at 10:13 PM. It was a pretty large event, but the main focus was this; which writers are going to focus on Tiger Woods' return and which aren't? Sadly, only one man, Dan Jenkins, said he wasn't going to focus on a Tiger return, and that's because he was taking a nap. So, as you've probably read a few times over the last four days, TIGER WOODS IS BACK DAMMIT AND HE'S GOING TO WIN A MILLION TOURNAMENTS AND HE'S GREAT AND IF YOU DON'T THINK SO YOU SUCK AND SHOULD BE EXILED YOU HORRIBLE AMERICAN YOU!

Whew, that was tough. Anyway, it seems us writers aren't the only ones thinking Woods could be back this week. Phil Mickelson the meat eater thinks he's back as well.

These were his exact words during his press conference at the Farmers Insurance Open.

"I saw last year when I played with him in Chicago and saw him at the Ryder Cup, I saw his game getting back to where it was. His speed was back up. He was hitting it long. His touch was coming back, and I expect that he'll be the Tiger that we've known for over a decade, unfortunately (laughing)."

It's funny because it's depressing for everyone else!

So, yeah, Tiger finally is on the golf course this Thursday. No more speculation, just golf and scores and birdies and recaps. Golf season is starting, folks. Get excited.

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[konoimo] >-< said...

amen bro... amen. please tiger just win already and get this bs over with!!! hahahaha.