Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Tavistock Cup is Expanding, Still No Whisper Rock

The Tavistock Cup is an event that blips on your radar every year around March, where two exclusive golf courses in Florida play each other for the right to see which rich people have the best rich golfers.

It's an event that allows PGA Tour stars to play competitively without really worrying about the result, and also gives PGA Tour stars a chance to show off the newest line of helicopter.

Well, good news for those Tavistock Cup enthusiasts -- two new golf clubs have been added. One, a course called Albany, is located in the Bahamas and was designed by Ernie Els. The other, Queenwood, located outside of London, was designed by David Kidd, the Bandon Dunes dude.

Now we have four golf courses, but still no Whisper Rock. That's insane. Maybe since I live in Scottsdale, I'm pulling one of those "the Pac-10 is better than you think because I'm forced to watch mostly Pac-10 football on Saturdays and I'm brainwashed," but doesn't this golf course deserve to be included here? It has some of the best players in the world at this course, and it would, and I hate to say it, wipe the floor with the rest of these members.

Don't believe me? Look at what Gary McCord said a year ago to James Achenbach of Golfweek -- "We’d kill them,” McCord bragged. “Of course, they’re afraid of us, so they won’t let us in.”

So, again, I beg; add Whisper Rock to this event if you really want a good test of pro membership versus a pro membership. The course is awesome, the weather is fantastic, and the pros are excellent. Do it, Tavistock.

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