Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Alexis Thompson Beat a Whole Bunch of Dudes

There are a few female golfers that will force you to stop walking and stare at them as they hit range balls. Michelle Wie swinging a driver is one of them. Natalie Gulbis, for other reasons, is another. And then there is Alexis Thompson, swinging a long iron. I caddied for a friend at an event in Arkansas, and as a celebrity was being interviewed on one side of the range, I was standing in the middle, watching Thompson pulverize iron after iron deep down the range.

She has the game to be a big star, and that was shown again this week, when the 16-year-old beat a bunch of guys in a mini tour event in Florida. Thompson shot a 68, good enough to get her in a playoff against a gentleman named Brett Bergeron, who went ahead and three-putted the first playoff hole to lose to Thompson.

Total number of dudes beat? 76. Ouch.

Listen, I know these girls are good, or whatever the slogan is, but there is a demoralizing characteristic in every man when he gets smoked by a chick. That's just how we work. I remember in college, deciding, because I'm obviously not smart, to play tennis against a girl that was on the USC tennis team. It ended about as well as you'd expect. Hey, at least she was cute.

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Anonymous said...

You know she played from the girl's tees, right?

Anonymous said...

You know the girls tees were 95% of the men's distance, aka only 10-20 yds on your average par 4.

That's about one club difference, if you drive it the same distance and she's a 16 year old girl.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you know that have only 95% of the strength of men, so everything was equal in the distance category. Alexis, you go girl. Hope to see you in the Women's Open Finals.

Anonymous said...


Shane B. said...

She didn't play from the women's tees, for those that think they have a clue.

Dexter Boo said...

Shane B.

From foxsports.com: "Thompson played from tees that measured 94 percent of the distance of those played by males."

Are you saying that there is a difference between the women's tees and the "94% tees" played by Thompson? If that's the case, then I understand your comment.

However, I just don't understand why she didn't just play from the same freaking tees as the guys! When Annika played at Colonial, she played the men's tees. When Michelle Wie was missing cuts on the PGA tour it was from the men's tees (she did make a cut on the South Korean tour from the men's tees). If she really has the skill set to beat 76 guys at the same game, then have her play the same game!

Honestly, even though this was just a mini tour event, it was certainly more than a Thursday night twilight Jack and Jill at the local muni, where I have no problem with women teeing off ahead of the men or using a handicap. However, if you're a professional golfer entering a professional golf tournament, you should expect to play from the same tees as everyone else and not receive any benefits or assitance that may be commonplace in other venues.

I think if she plays another tourament against males, she needs to demand that she play from the same tees and remove any argument that that her victory was somehow less impressive.

Nevertheless, the girl is obviously ultra-talented and I look forward to seeing what she does on the woman's tour.

Anonymous said...

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