Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And Here Are a Bunch of Other Golfers Spitting

Just so we can all understand how little a deal this Tiger Woods spitting thing is (he did get fined, so I guess someone cared), here are photos of other professional golfers spitting, and these are just the ones I found.

Jason Dufner just a week ago at the Waste Management Open (Via White Seated via Devil Ball).

Jason Dufner's Spit Take from whileseated on Vimeo.

Dudley Hart at the BMW Championship in 2008

Huey Lewis at the Bob Hope in 2008

Sergio Garcia with the infamous "spit in the cup" (which I do think is disgusting because others have to snag their ball out of his spit)


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Tamara Falk said...

Err! Now that's gross, the caught in the act spitting of our golfers, well that's quite bearable compared to women golfers doing the act. I think women behave with finesse compared to these spitters. And yeah, it's a woman's instinct to remain fashionable even when doing sports that's why they too spend up some time in choosing and picking up their outfits for their games.