Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bubba Watson and Bill Haas Ate Breakfast Together ... Before They Tried To Beat the Other

Now listen, I'm all for good sportsmanship. I try to pick up guys off the ground during basketball, even if they aren't on my team. I will give putts to friends early in matches even if we are playing for a decent amount of money. But breakfast with your opponent of the day? Come on guys, not even Jesus would do that!

Bill Haas and Bubba Watson apparently had breakfast together Wednesday morning before going out and trying to beat the other's brains out, which to me is just a little bit ... ehh. I mean, shake hands, be friends, do whatever ... but eating and chatting and being friendly? What do you do when Haas has a two-footer on the 17th hole to extend the match? All of a sudden turn into jerk mode?

So, yes, they ate breakfast. It was chummy. Watson prolly got the scramble. Not my favorite story from my man Bubba.

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